Economics and green policy seminars

July - December 2014
These six seminars are designed for senior policy and political staff, in NGOs, business and think tanks, to provide a better understanding of the economic orthodoxies that underpin green policy and the arguments used to support or challenge them. 

At each, Green Alliance’s chief economist Julian Morgan will help to explore and explain key concepts, in conversation with an economic expert; and there will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions and join in the discussion.  

Topics and dates:

- Is ‘green growth’ just an oxymoron? (2 July 2014)

- Should the state do anything to stimulate green innovation and industrial development? (16 July 2014)

- How useful is the concept of Natural Capital? (11 November 2014)

- What have we learned from the financial crisis? (date to be set)

- Were the critics wrong about austerity? (date to be set)

- Do economists care about rising resource prices? (date to be set)