Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions

The Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES) is a progressive new collaboration of businesses and think tanks committed to ambitious circular economy policy in Europe. It combines business voices with economic and social analysis on the impact of the circular economy. Using member state business networks, and with a Brussels-based policy focus, it is a unique and powerful new European advocate for ambitious circular economy policy.

ACES is led by an influential group of British, Belgian, Dutch and German organisations. It is working to secure a European circular economy package that generates new jobs and revenues whilst driving product innovation, secondary raw material use and new business models.

An initial analysis of employment in the UK, Germany, Poland and Italy by ACES member Green Alliance shows an ambitious European circular economy strategy could reduce long term unemployment by up to 1.5 per cent in some regions and up to three per cent in some occupations. It could also save national governments between one and four billion euros on unemployment costs per year.

ACES member Green Alliance published a new analysis, Better products by design in November 2016, which proposes new product standards for repairability and durability as the solution to premature obsolescence.

In January 2017, in response to the European Commission's first progress review of the Circular Economy Action Plan, ACES published a report card. This evaluates how well the EU is doing in key sectors on a transition to a circular economy,

ACES is co-ordinated by Simon Wilson, Green Alliance’s senior representative in Brussels      @simoncjwilson

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ACES leading organisations

Green Alliance

Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on ambitious leadership for the environment. Since 1979, it has worked with a growing network of influential leaders in business, NGOs and politics to stimulate new thinking and dialogue on environmental policy, and increase political action and support for environmental solutions in the UK. Green Alliance runs the UK’s Circular Economy Task Force, a business group which has been highly influential in developing the circular economy policy agenda in the UK.

Aldersgate Group

The Aldersgate Group is an alliance of major businesses, professional institutes, NGOs and cross-party politicians that develops policy solutions to address environmental challenges in a way that is both effective and delivers economic benefits for the UK and the EU. It is based in London and its business members, which come from a wide range of economic sectors, have a global collective turnover in excess of £300bn. The Aldersgate Group is part of the EU Life + funded ‘Developing Resource Efficient Business Model (REBus)’ project and resource efficiency is one of the Group’s three policy priority areas.

De Groene Zaak
De Groene Zaak is the leading Sustainable Business Association in The Netherlands, uniting over two hundred pioneering companies. We are the Dutch Chapter of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and a member of Ecopreneur. All our partners hold to a clear business principle: transforming our current economic order to a sustainable and circular one as fast as possible. De Groene Zaak supports this goal by lobbying, by putting issues on the agenda, by connecting our entrepreneurs and by cooperating with the science network Het Groene Brein.

Ecologic Institute

Ecologic Institute conducts inter- and transdisciplinary environmental research. In its role as a private, independent organisation, Ecologic Institute is dedicated to the preparation of relevant sociopolitical aspects of sustainability research and contributing new knowledge to environmental policy. Innovative research methods, an orientation on practice and a transdisciplinary approach ensure scientific excellent and social relevance. Ecologic Institute was founded in 1995 and collaborates closely with other European and international bodies, including active participation as a member of the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet). Ecologic Institute is a registered charity and operates branches in Berlin, Brussels and Washington DC.

Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)

The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) is an independent not for profit research organisation dedicated to advancing an environmentally sustainable Europe through the analysis and development of policy, and dissemination of research results.  We specialise in policies at the European level and their implementation at national level. We’ve been actively involved in studies and initiatives relating to several aspects of the circular economy and waste management. Recent interests include the bioeconomy, marine litter, the cascading use of wood, and selection of best package of policy instrument to enable a transition to a circular economy. We are based in Brussels and London.


UnternehmensGrün, the German Federal association of green economy – was founded as early as 1992. Representing more than 180 members, UG campaigns for the protection of the environment and a sustainable economy. UG is a nonpartisan, non-profit and financially independent entrepreneurs association. The business members are mainly small and medium-sized businesses, who have a common interest in operating in a sustainable and responsible manner. They come from all different economic sectors – from engineering, metalwork or the renewable energy sector to business consultancies, breweries, organic producers or ethical banking.