Natural Infrastructure Schemes

In partnership with the National Trust
Natural Infrastructure Schemes
Agriculture is under increasing pressure to maximise production, whilst reducing its environmental impact and eliminating dependence on public subsidy. Many farming businesses are operating at the limit of their profitability, often to the detriment of soil health, water quality and biodiversity. Farmers are in a unique position to restore and protect the natural environment, but there is no commercial basis for the provision of natural services from farmland.

In partnership with the National Trust, we have developed a Natural Infrastructure Scheme (NIS) to lever private money for positive environmental land management. The mechanism was first proposed as a way to deliver ‘slow, clean water’ in places where consortia of farmers and land managers could reduce flood risks or improve water quality by changing the management of their land. Our final report, New routes to decarbonise land use, investigated how the scheme could also be used to achieve land based carbon reductions.

Our reports: We are continuing to work with the National Trust and partners to develop the concept and trial on the ground.

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