How government handles air pollution

Tackling 'nexus' issues
How government handles air pollution
Green Alliance collaborated with King’s College London and the Imperial College’s Grantham Institute to examine approaches to, and encourage more coherent decision making around air pollution.
Air pollution is seen as one of several ‘nexus’ challenges:  issues that involve human and environment systems, and that span different policy areas and government departments. Efforts to improve sustainability in one policy domain can be counterproductive if their effects on other interconnected areas are not taken into consideration.

In October 2015, Green Alliance convened a workshop in parliament to bring together cross party MPs, including the chairs of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee and the Environmental Audit Committee, academics, senior air pollution experts and representatives from local councils to discuss how to tackle nexus challenges and implement air quality policy across different government levels and departments.  

Read the 2016 report on the Nexus Network collaboration between Green Alliance, King’s College London and the Grantham Institute at Imperial College

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