Negotiating Brexit

Positive outcomes for the UK on energy and climate
Negotiating Brexit
The UK has a close relationship with the EU on energy and climate policy. But with Brexit, the future of this relationship is unclear. Businesses are calling for clarity while they put investment decisions on hold.

The EU’s strategy has been clear, to have a European energy union, establishing greater linkages with countries outside its borders to ensure “secure, affordable and climate friendly energy.” The UK has actively participated in these efforts in the past.

Neither the EU nor the UK’s fundamental interests have changed: high levels of co-operation on energy and climate will still be the best way for the UK and EU to decarbonise rapidly at low cost.

Our 2017 briefing identifies what positive outcomes would look like for energy and climate post-Brexit and proposes that the UK should seek to negotiate a ‘Paris co-operation track’ with the EU to maximise the mutual benefits of continue co-operation. Our 2018 policy insight recommends that the UK low carbon and renewable energy sector pursues regulatory alignment with the EU to enable it to continue to thrive and expand its contribution to UK trade.

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