Novel materials workshop: Brighton Eco-Technology Show
Circular Economy

Novel materials workshop: Brighton Eco-Technology Show

Green Alliance hosted a workshop on the circular economy at the Brighton Eco-Technology Show. Aimed at local authorities, this focused on innovations in transport, energy and construction.

At our workshop Gareth Brown talked about WRAP’s work on resource efficiency in construction, and stressed the importance of understanding the reusability and recoverability of building materials, given their large tonnages.  

Nick Powell from Ricardo highlighted the challenges of using carbon fibre composites in vehicles, which are great for light-weighting and therefore fuel efficiency, but hard to recover.

David Greenfield from Soenecs warned of the lessons of novelty in IT equipment, using valuable metals, but either not designed for longevity or not used to full potential, and designed in ways that make the materials very hard to extract at end of life.   

This workshop was held as part of the Circular Economy Task Force's work on novel materials. 
27 June, 2014
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