One year on from China waste ban
Circular Economy

One year on from China waste ban

A panel event and reception organised by Green Alliance for the Circular Economy Task Force.
One year ago, China said it no longer wanted to be a dumping ground for ‘foreign waste’. It was a decision that promised to bring ‘recycling chaos’ to the countries that had become reliant on the Chinese market to accept sometimes low quality plastic and other material that they could not recycle domestically.
This event marked the anniversary and reflected on the impact the ban has had on businesses, people, the environment, and other countries that have so far picked up the slack. In December the British Government launched its first resources and waste strategy in more than a decade, in which Environment Secretary Michael Gove said that this nation should not be offshoring its waste for other nations to deal with. The event interrogated whether the ban has been the catalyst for more sustainable solutions at home.

Speakers included: 
  • Dawn Woodward, Defra’s Deputy Head Resources and Waste (Strategy and Regulation), who delivered a keynote address outlining how the new strategy will address the challenges. 
  • Emma Priestland, plastics campaigner, Friends of the Earth;
  • Adam Read, external affairs director, SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK;
  • Libby Peake, senior policy adviser on resources, Green Alliance;
  • Caroline Laurie, head of sustainability, Kingfisher plc
Missed the event? Listen to the highlights in our podcast
24 January, 2019
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      One year on from the China waste ban