Green Alliance responds to the Committee on Climate Change’s assessment of the Clean Growth Strategy

Wednesday 17 January 2018
Dustin Benton Dustin BentonPolicy director020 7630

Commenting on the Committee on Climate Change’s assessment of the Clean Growth Strategy, Green Alliance’s policy director, Dustin Benton, said:
“The government says clean growth is the biggest economic opportunity of the century, but, as the Committee on Climate Change has highlighted today, its transport and housing policy is still stuck in the past.
It’s shocking that emissions from transport have risen, despite huge technological innovation. EVs are now as cheap to run as conventional cars and we calculate that banning petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 – rather than the government’s 2040 target – would halve UK oil imports. It’s a no brainer for industry too: the UK has a £5 billion trade deficit in fossil fuelled cars but Europe’s largest EV plant is in the UK. If the Department for Transport doesn’t catch up soon the electric cars of the future won’t be made in Britain.
And on housing, energy efficiency rates fell off a cliff back in 2012. Six years later and nothing has changed. Worse, cancelling the zero carbon homes policy has meant people will be paying over the odds for their energy for decades, even though zero carbon homes can now be built for the same price as conventional ones. If the new housing ministry is to live up to its name, it needs to make sure the homes we build are fit for the future.”