Clean local growth

Putting local areas at the heart of the clean growth agenda
Clean local growth

There is a clear opportunity for local areas in England to take the initiative in developing innovative and clean ways to grow the economy. Green Alliance and Localis’s consortium on clean local growth sought to investigate what places can do straight away, and what they need to be able to do, to unlock routes to clean growth in their area.

Our final report laid out an England-wide analysis of clean growth challenges, opportunities and policy options, ascertained through a series of engagement events and expert interviews. We provided pathways and direction for local stakeholders to work together to respond positively to the issues they face in moving to a low carbon economy and recommendations to central government as to how it could assist this process.

Read the full report here: 'The route to clean growth: Using local industrial strategies to drive change'. 
This project was produced in partnership with Localis, West Midlands Combined Authority, ENGIE and Cornwall council. 

The clean local growth report was successfully launched on the 23rd October where the reports' findings were showcased and opportunities debated through organised workshops. We hope to revisit this subject in 2020 and would be keen to hear from other organisations with an interest in clean local growth.

For more written pieces on the project, read our blogs published as part of our work Clean local growth.
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