Climate Leadership Programme

Working with MPs on climate change
Climate Leadership Programme
The climate leadership programme aims to:

•  Allow politicians to strengthen their understanding of the science, policy and politics of climate change; 
•  Help each party to develop a committed new cohort of MPs who will lead the way; 
•  Use deliberative democracy as a tool for MPs and their constituents to find solutions to climate change        together;
•  Enable politicians to develop strong networks with thought leaders, practitioners and influential institutions on this crucial agenda.​

Programme activities since 2009

•  workshop sessions for small groups of parliamentary candidates (2009-10) and new MPs (2010-11) from each party, on the science, policy and politics of climate change. Participants met leading scientists, business representatives and climate change specialists, including Sir Brian Hoskins from the Grantham Institute and Royal Society, Jim Skea from UKERC, James Cameron from Climate Change Capital, and Thomas Lingard from Unilever;

•  dinners with relevant frontbenchers following each workshop session, including dinners with Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP, Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, and Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP;

•  formal events, such as cross-party private dinners with expert speakers including speakers from the Committee on Climate Change, the Centre for Sustainable Energy and the Royal Society; 

•  fringe events at the 2011, 2012 and 2013 autumn party conferences, featuring MPs involved in the programme as speakers or roundtable participants;

•  a policy insight, Climate science explained, produced jointly with the Grantham Institute in 2011; 

•  working closely with small groups of MPs on specific policy areas that link MPs’ national and constituency work, including the Green Deallocalismcity deals and community energy;

•  tailored support and informal advice to MPs on request;

•  constituency voices projects (2013-2014), working with MPs in small cross-party groups, running constituency focused projects on low carbon initatives and possibilities for improving climate adaptation and resilience
“The UK has committed to achieving an 80% cut in emissions by 2050 in order to tackle climate change. This is challenging and requires strong leadership on the part of politicians. Green Alliance has played a crucial part in providing new MPs with an informative set of briefings about climate change and in helping to build cross-party support behind positive action.”
Lord Adair Turner, former Chair of the Committee on Climate Change 
“I was very impressed with Green Alliance’s Climate Leadership Programme. They were thorough, thoughtful and open to recognising the challenges facing different parts of the country. I also felt that the process helped me as an MP to improve my understanding of the successes and obstacles facing the Green Deal in my area. I would thoroughly recommend taking part in the programme.”
Liberal Democrat MP
“While working with Green Alliance, and two of my Parliamentary colleagues, I found the experience to be exceptionally rewarding. Writing about the impact of localism really allowed me to see just how powerful it can be when linked directly with renewables and regeneration. Localism enables the leadership that the green economy can benefit from. It is something that had previously been lacking and I could not be more pleased that I have been able to contribute to the debate in this way.”
Conservative MP

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