Climate adaptation workshops
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Climate adaptation workshops

Extreme weather events are becoming a reality in many areas of the UK, with a number of regions suffering from serious droughts or floods in recent years. Between February and March 2014, Green Alliance worked with three MPs to convene workshops in their constituencies with local stakeholders to ask the question, “are we climate ready?”. Workshop participants discussed how climate change could affect local areas and shared ideas for local strategies to adapt to climate change.

The climate adaptation workshops were held over three days in Cornwall, Hampshire and Nottingham. In details:
Climate adaptation workshop with Sarah Newton MP
Friday 14th March 2014
The Business Space
Truro, Cornwall
With: Sarah Newton, Conservative MP for Truro and Falmouth

Guest speakers:
Dr Stephan Harrison, University of Exeter
Kim Dowsett, Environmental Agency
Climate adaptation workshop with Mike Thornton MP
Friday 28th February 2014
The Point
Eastleigh, Hampshire
With: Mike Thornton, Liberal democrat MP for Eastleigh
Guest speakers:
Kristen Guida, Climate South East
Dr Sally Brown, University of Southampton
Jason Light, Eastleigh Borough Council

Climate adaptation workshop with Lilian Greenwood MP
Friday 21st February 2014
Antenna Media Centre
With: Lilian Greenwood, Labour MP for Nottingham South

Guest speakers: 
Dr Simon Gosling, University of Nottingham
21 February, 2014
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