Constituency voices

Deepening local engagement with low carbon initiatives and policy
Constituency voices
Our Climate Leadership Programme has aimed to give members of parliament the knowledge and skills they need to lead a proactive and ambitious climate change agenda.

Constituency Voices was a project under the programme, working with small groups of MPs on low carbon initiatives and policy within their constituencies, helping them to take climate action to the national level.

The policy insight, Constituency voices: realising the potential of community energy (August 2013) featured the outcome of workshops held with MPs in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Wells, Somerset. It made recommendations for the government's community energy strategy, to increase the number of successful community energy schemes across the UK.

Constituency voices: greening city deals (July 2013) presented the conclusions from three workshops held with MPs in Swindon, Stockton and Warwickshire. We showed the potential for these regions to strengthen low carbon ambitions in their city deals, and put forward recommendations for other cities and central government.

Under the third Constituency Voices project, we produced the policy insight After the floods: lessons for climate adaptation and resilience for local areas (September 2014). Following the exceptional weather of 2013-14, we set out to find out more about the challenges and possibilities for improving climate adaptation and resilience in the UK. Through workshops with MPs and their constituents in three local areas affected by flooding, Nottingham, Truro and Falmouth, and Eastleigh in Hampshire, we devised six priorities for effective action.

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