Cutting Carbon Now

Climate action now for the future
Cutting Carbon Now
The UK is decarbonising at the fastest rate among G20 economies, according to analysis carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It has benefited enormously both diplomatically, from its climate leadership, and economically, in getting ahead in the race to create a low carbon economy.
However, this progress is at risk of faltering as the government has failed to create plans to meet the UK’s future carbon budgets, and because of the complexity of the task to reduce emissions across not just power, but also the transport, buildings, industry, farming and land use sectors.
Cutting Carbon Now is a project which aims to create new momentum to meet the UK’s carbon budgets in the short run, and to turn successful emissions reductions now into support for faster decarbonisation in the future, including towards the net zero target. We are collaborating on this work with other climate focused organisations, public authorities and businesses, and wider civil society.
We are exploring the potential for significant carbon reductions across sectors, and will seek to build the political case for doing so, by showing its popularity and how the UK can continue to benefit from very rapid carbon reductions.

Find out more about the Cutting Carbon Now project on our dedicated web page.

This project has been made possible through generous support from the Network for Social Change.

On 11th February 2020, Green Alliance were pleased to host the #CountdowntoCOP conference as part of our Cutting Carbon Now project where we brought together representatives from all of society to explore what the UK needs to do to host a successful and ambitious COP in November.

Special guest speakers;

  • Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland
Go to our YouTube channel to find videos of the full conference, keynote speeches and panel discussions. 

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