Feeding Britain: Can we do it sustainably?
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Feeding Britain: Can we do it sustainably?

Is the UK sleepwalking into a food supply crisis? We import nearly 40 per cent of  our food, making us vulnerable to supply disruptions and price shocks. This vulnerability is set to increase, driven by increased global competition for food and the impacts of climate change on agriculture.
Are companies taking these risks seriously enough? Managing these challenges will require retailers and agrifood companies to engage with their producers and supply chains in new ways. Yet agricultural conditions are deteriorating in a number of food-producing parts of the world. More sustainable farming practices could offer a way to improve food system resilience, delivering improved agricultural productivity and protecting livelihoods both here and abroad.
The second debate of the 2014 catalyst series discussed how prepared companies are for these changes, how sustainability fits within the approaches they are currently using, and whether the UK’s food security can really be delivered sustainably. 

All three Catalyst Debates 2014 feature on our microsite Business strategy for a better world, which includes expert essays exploring how businesses can go further on sustainability.

You can read a summary of the event on Wakelet.
8 July, 2014
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    Catalyst Debates 2014: Feeding Britain: Can we do it sustainably?