Flood management

Building resilient catchments
Flood management
Flooding is a big problem in the UK and one that is getting worse with climate change. In November 2016, we revealed that England's current approach to flood risk is contradictory:

• nearly four times as much money spent on land management that ignores or even increases flood risk, than on land management that helps to prevent flooding; and
• twice as much money spent on dealing with the after effects of a flood than on hard flood defences

This funding is skewed towards short-term reactive responses that ignore the central role of land management in building flood resilience. Our report, Smarter flood risk management in England: investing in resilient catchments, makes three recommendations that would lead to a greater level of resilience for either the same or lower cost than current approaches, including to establish a dedicated fund for natural flood management.

This project was supported by the John Ellerman Foundation.

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