Green cities

Unlocking the economic potential of cities
Green cities
In our report Green cities: using city deals to drive low carbon growth we looked at the first round of city deals in 2012, agreed between the government and the following eight cities: Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield.

We showed how green enterprise was being used by the cities to mobilise investment and generate long term returns but that there was great variation in the extent to which they regarded low carbon development as a priority. Analysing and comparing progress across the first group of deals enabled us to make clear recommendations to government and cities for the new wave of city deals.

“The green cities report is the only independent analysis of its kind. It makes clear and achievable recommendations for how the ground-breaking new city deals can maximise low carbon benefits, which can be delivered at scale by Core Cities, contributing to economic growth and resilience.” Chris Murray, director, Core Cities Group, 2012

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