Shifting to a low carbon economy

Can the UK retain its global leadership?
Shifting to a low carbon economy
Once at the forefront of exporting low carbon services and expertise, we consider how the UK can maintain high standards of low carbon industry at a time when the UK will be negotiating its new relationship with the EU, as well as creating trade deals with countries around the world.

Our June 2016 analysis, produced in conjunction with CAFOD, Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF, makes recommendations for how government can restore the country as a market leader. The themes presented in the report were discussed by a panel of experts at our event 'Will the UK succeed in a low carbon world?' including Lord Mandelson who delivered the keynote speech.

In November 2017 we produced a new infographic, UK trade in a decarbonising world, in which we look at how well the UK is positioned for low carbon trade and highlight key sectors where there are weaknesses. We also make recommendations for how the government can address them. This report was also accompanied by an event, Trade in a decarbonising world: where the UK can lead, which had a keynote speech from  BEIS Minister Claire Perry MP.

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