Circular Economy Task Force

Developing policy solutions for a circular economy
Circular Economy Task Force

Since its establishment in 2013, the task force has produced a number of reports. These include:

As well as publishing a number of reports since 2013, the task force has also had a significant impact on government policy. Examples of this include:
  • Many of the task force recommendations were adopted by Defra’s 2018 resources and waste strategy, including harmonising recycling services and implementing an extended producer responsibility regime. Our recommendations on the need to complement recycling targets with waste reduction and resource productivity targets are being taken forward through the Environment Bill target setting process.
  • The recommendations of the task force have been picked up by many parliamentary inquiries. These include the Environmental Audit Committee’s Growing a circular economy report and its Electronic waste and the circular economy report, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s Plastic food and drink inquiry report, as well as the Scottish Government’s Resource use and the circular economy inquiry.
  • ​The task force also established the North Sea Resource Roundabout project, working with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK to identify the regulatory barriers to the trade and use of recycled materials across European countries, and working with regulators to develop solutions.

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