New policies for energy saving
Green Alliance worked to ensure the Energy Bill, which determines the UK's future energy system, provides incentives to reduce electricity demand, not just to increase low carbon supply. 

As a result of our work, the government developed a £20 million electricity demand reduction (EDR) pilot to see how best or whether EDR, or negawatts, can participate in the capacity market, created in the Energy Bill.

We worked with ACEWWFOxford University's Environmental Change Institute and the Regulatory Assistance Project to create recommendations for the pilot, but also for how EDR could participate in the capacity market.

Read our reports:

Getting more from less: realising the potential of negawatts in the UK electricity market (Oct 2015) proposes an electricity savings strategy that helps to deliver the government's goal of least cost decarbonisation. This could save UK businesses and consumers £2.4 billion by 2025 and avoid electricity generation equivalent to eight new gas plants by 2030.

Kickstarting the negawatts market (Jul 2014) draws on experience from the US to recommend ways to improve the government’s two year pilot scheme.

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