Fit for the Future? The 2007-08 Green Standard Review of the Parties

Fit for the Future? The 2007-08 Green Standard Review of the Parties

This review sets out what the nine leading environment groups collectively see as the highs and lows of the past twelve months, between September 2007 and August 2008, for the three main political parties on the environment. The analysis draws on the six tests for environmental leadership that we launched in 2007 but also takes into account the changing external context with rising oil prices and cost of living.
Fit for the future?, suggests that while the range and urgency of the environmental threats has continued to increase in the past year, all the parties have retreated from the environmental agenda. None of the three main parties are currently showing the vision and courage to prepare the UK for the challenges ahead.  There is no long-term route to prosperity and security unless our political leaders tackle climate change and protect the natural environment. In a time of rising fuel and food costs, the need for an ambitious approach to environmental policy has never been clearer.
The environment groups behind this report call on the three party leaders to make clear commitments to action in their party conference speeches:
  • Yes to delivering 15 per cent of UK energy from appropriate renewable sources by 2020
  • Yes to a massive uplift in energy efficiency through major public investment and action to radically improve the energy performance of existing homes
  • Yes to putting in place policies that will value, protect and enhance the natural environment and secure the benefits it provides
  • No to new unabated coal power stations 
  • No to expansion of airport capacity at Stansted or Heathrow
Thank you to Private Eye for allowing us to reproduce one of their cartoons in this publication.
CPRE , Friends of the Earth , Green Alliance , Greenpeace , National Trust , RSPB , The Wildlife Trusts , Woodland Trust , WWF
Publication Date:
10 September, 2008

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