Painting the town green

Painting the town green

Painting the town green is a report of the Green-Engage project, set up with the backing of Friends of the Earth, Green Alliance, Sustain, Transport 2000 and WWF-UK, in 2005. It aims to create a blueprint for the ‘green movement’ in the widest sense to more effectively help and persuade people to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours.
Uniquely, the report draws on the views, ideas and vision of around 60 key thinkers in environmental policy, campaigns and communication, all of whom have contributed their thoughts specifically for the Green-Engage project. These include past and present national politicians with a frontbench environmental remit such as Peter Ainsworth, Norman Baker, Tom Brake, Oliver Letwin, Michael Meacher and Lord Whitty; green icons such as Sara Parkin and Helena Norberg-Hodge; media figures and authors such as Polly Toynbee, Leo Hickman and Penney Poyzer; key academics; respected consultants in communications; some of the best campaigners and activists within the non-governmental movement; figures from green businesses such as FirstGroup, Fresh and Wild and BedZED; and an essential sprinkling of people with backgrounds in psychology and behaviour.
Painting the Town Green argues that public participation is essential if as a nation we are to meet our environmental objectives and it recommends deep changes in how the wider green movement communicates in order to achieve public behaviour change across 13 lifestyle areas, including transport, holidays and leisure, energy use, waste and recycling, food and water use. The report will be essential reading for all those involved in encouraging the public to go green, including politicians, central government, local authorities, campaigners, advisers, academics, authors and businesses providing green products and services.
Steve Hounsham
Publication Date:
3 January, 2005

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