A micro-generation manifesto

A micro-generation manifesto

Micro-generation is the generation of low-carbon heat and power by individuals, small businesses and communities to meet their own needs. Bringing energy generation closer to people in this way will forge the vital link between our concern about climate change and our energy consumption in the home. It can help to overcome the antagonism of a minority towards renewable energy, by bringing every householder and business closer to the solution. Homes with microgeneration are also affordable homes, with low or zero energy costs. And by curbing the rising demand for imported electricity, home energy generation can avert the need for investment in large new power stations and the ageing grid network.
However, there is considerable resistance to micro-generation. Current incentives discourage energy suppliers and grid operators from bringing energy generation to the point of demand. Policy-makers are accustomed to an energy system based on big, centralised projects like nuclear or gas-fired power stations. But we now have an opportunity to start to change these mindsets and incentives, and bring micro-generation into the mainstream.
The Government has made an important commitment in the Energy Act 2004 to develop a micro-generation strategy by December 2005. This manifesto sets out a broad framework of policies that Green Alliance and the Energy Entrepreneurs Network  hope will be addressed in the government strategy.
The Micro-generation Manifesto has been developed in consultation with members of the Energy Entrepreneurs Network. Organisations supporting the manifesto include:
British Wind Energy Association
Combined Heat and Power Association
Energy 21
Renewable Power Association
Solar Century
The Micropower Council
The National Trust
Town and Country Planning Association
UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Joanna Collins
Publication Date:
1 September, 2004
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