Delivering resource productivity: the service solution

Delivering resource productivity: the service solution

There is an urgent need to reduce the environmental impact of economic activity, as the environmental impacts of resource use, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and air pollution increase. We need to achieve more in economic terms, with less environmental impact – in other words, improving the ‘resource productivity’ of the economy. But what does a resource-efficient economy look like? The key is to ‘decouple’ economic growth from environmental impact. This report examines one potential approach to improving the resource productivity of the UK, a new strategic business model, where companies shift from selling products to selling services.
It looks at three sectors in which the service approach can be used: chemicals, energy and agriculture. Details are given of how the service approach operates, the benefits of the service model, barriers to further uptake, solutions and what needs to be done next. Case studies are given in each section, to illustrate real-life examples of the approach. The report also offers recommendations to government on how to promote service innovation in each area.
Green Alliance
Publication Date:
1 October, 2003

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