The private life of public affairs - a summary briefing paper

The private life of public affairs - a summary briefing paper

Business can and will innovate towards a cleaner, greener economy, but only if the market rewards it. Leading companies are calling on governments to show political leadership and put in place a market framework that rewards sustainability.
But why hasn't government done more to design market-friendly measures that would reward progressive businesses? Time and again, governments are cowed into taking the teeth out of social and environmental policies by the negative lobbying of corporate public affairs teams and trade associations.
In The Private Life of Public Affairs, Simon Caulkin and Joanna Collins examine why public affairs has not kept pace with corporate social responsiblity, and the role that trade associations currently play in keeping demands on companies to a minimum. They argue that innovation will suffer if governments continue to accept scare stories and bad economics as 'the voice of business', and call on company leaders to affirm the integrity of their commitment to sustainability by being a positive voice for change.
Simon Caulkin, Joanna Collins
Publication Date:
4 August, 2003
09531060 1 3

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