Breaking with convention - towards a new European future

Breaking with convention - towards a new European future

What does Europe stand for? The question is being posed in many places, from the debates over the future of NATO, the war on terror, and Middle East security, to the heart of the European Union. Against this backdrop, the Convention on the Future of Europe is charged with literally reshaping the Union and considering how best to respond to these changed circumstances.
This pamphlet calls for Convention members to seize their historic opportunity to make a fundamental commitment to the goals of sustainable development. The institutions of the Union are important but they must be connected to a vision of what matters for the EU and the world. It argues that unless the Convention delivers a new euro-vision alongside institutional reform, the consequences will be increased global instability and an ever-widening gulf between the EU and its citizens.
Ian Christie
Publication Date:
3 February, 2003
09543813 1 9

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