Brand green: mainstream or forever niche?

Brand green: mainstream or forever niche?

Wendy Gordon gives an insight into the mind of the consumer and the implications for connecting green brands to everyday lives. She offers a compelling argument that brands hold a key to changing consumption patterns, and that marketing can play a powerful part in shaping choice to benefit the environment.
She sets out her analysis of the problem, looking at how consumers encounter brands, how they perceive the environment, and how we should tackle the discrepancy between intention and action. Green Alliance then puts forward some ideas on how business, government, NGOs and the consumer could move into a new realm of more sustainable consumption patterns. Green Alliance argues that environmental values need to be at the heart of business strategy and planning. Retailers and manufacturers that take strategic decisions to phase out products or substances which are known to be environmentally damaging will make their brands stronger. Marks & Spencer’s decision to phase out PVC or Unilever’s target to have all their fish sourced sustainably by the end of 2005 are good examples of such voluntary measures described in the book.
Wendy Gordon
Publication Date:
1 May, 2002
09531060 7 2

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