Ten pinches of salt - a reply to Bjorn Lomborg

Ten pinches of salt - a reply to Bjorn Lomborg

The Sceptical Environmentalist , a controversial critique of environmentalism by the Danish writer Bjorn Lomborg, was published on 29 August 2001. On the same day, Green Alliance published a short pamphlet challenging his criticisms.
The pamphlet's author Tom Burke, Green Alliance executive committee member and former adviser to the Government, writes that Lomborg's argument is fatally flawed. The positions Lomborg attacks are a caricature of his own invention which bear no resemblance to the arguments currently deployed by environmentalists. The profound paradox in Lomborg's work is that, in making the case for a more rational debate on environmental issues, he has committed all of the offences and more for which he attacks 'environmentalists'.
Launching the pamphlet, Tom Burke said "Professor Lomborg's book, sadly, is little more than a dishonest and dishonourable smear on the many millions of professionals and volunteers working to improve the environment."
To view the response from the Danish Ecological Council to Bjorn Lomborg see their publication Sceptical Questions and Sustainable Answers at www.ecocouncil.dk
Green Alliance
Publication Date:
7 August, 2001

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