Institutional design for a low-carbon economy

Institutional design for a low-carbon economy

This report focuses on the institutional changes necessary for the UK to move to a low-carbon future. Current institutional arrangements for low-carbon policy design and implementation are not sufficiently powerful or co-ordinated to bring about the policy shift required. The report argues new institutional structures are needed to improve the co-ordination and effectiveness of both low-carbon policy-making and policy implementation.
The report has three recommendations to help deliver low-carbon policy-making. It calls for the creation of a low-carbon policy unit in the Cabinet Office; a new low-carbon ministerial committee; and carbon policy networks. For low-carbon policy implementation it recommends that several of the organisations already involved in implementation, such as the Carbon Trust, the Energy Saving Trust and the Emissions Trading Authority, be brought together in a single low-carbon agency.
Green Alliance
Publication Date:
2 July, 2001
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