Mind over matter: greening the new economy

Mind over matter: greening the new economy

This pamphlet looked at the links between the knowledge economy and the environment. It claims that protecting the environment will depend as much, if not more, on entrepreneurship and innovation to find solutions to environmental challenges as it does on regulation and laws, to force changes in consumer and corporate behaviour.
It argues that the conclusions it reaches are controversial, particularly about the role that markets, competition and entrepreneurship could play in creating a more sustainable economy. A set of recommendations is presented which focus on environmental innovation and entrepreneurship. In the future, all the tools of policy – taxes, regulations, inward investment, competition policy, research and development – must be utilized to drive environmental innovation. The goal is not simply to regulate a reduction in the environmental harms caused by the old industrial economy. The goal should be to help create the more environmentally sustainable industries of the future.
Charles Leadbeater
Publication Date:
4 September, 2000
09530160 1 3

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