Steps into uncertainty: handling risk and scientific uncertainty

Steps into uncertainty: handling risk and scientific uncertainty

This briefing details the findings of two seminars held in March and April 2000, which brought together policy makers, industry, academics and environmental NGOs. It sought to provide some practical ways forward for policy and regulation on issues of scientific uncertainty, including genetic modification, BSE and chemicals regulation. It is organised around five themes identified as an essential component of any policy response to scientific uncertainty:
  • why there should be greater public involvement
  • the extent to which a precautionary approach is desirable
  • the role of science and scientific advice
  • the need to place decisions within the wider policy context
  • looking forward, to prepare for future trends.
For each of these themes, the briefing explored perspectives - views, opinions, consensus and dissent between academic, government, business and NGO perspectives - and steps forward - suggestions for practical, incremental improvements in the way scientific uncertainty is handled in government.
Green Alliance
Publication Date:
5 June, 2000
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