Community Energy 2.0

Identifying the value of community energy in the future UK distributed energy system
Community Energy 2.0
Community Energy has huge potential for supporting local economic resilience and the transition to a low carbon economy, but the sector faces significant challenges. Working with Friends Provident Foundation, this project seeks to produce clear recommendations for government on the design of regional energy markets and the role Community Energy can play.

In our 2017 report People Power, we envisaged that, by the 2020s, falling prices and advances in technology would mean small scale energy, such as community energy, would have a vital role to play for businesses, individuals and policy makers. Our most recent blogs highlight what community energy has to offer in this future, emphasising the social benefits it brings to local areas.

We aim to recommend clear measures that the government should take in supporting community energy. The research will focus on identifying the true value of distributed community energy to the UK’s future energy system and offers recommendations on ways to reflect this in the design of regional energy markets.

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