Electricity Market Reform workshop
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Electricity Market Reform workshop

The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) consultation sets out a wide range of complex proposals but will they actually deliver the transformation of the electricity sector that is urgently required? This full-day workshop enabled participants from a range of organisations to brainstorm and work together to consider the overall impact of the proposed package and also to develop detailed policy recommendations.

The morning session considered high level questions such as: will the package achieve the decarbonisation trajectory set out by the Committee on Climate Change? Does the Government need to be more specific about the technology mix it needs or leave it to the market? What will investors be looking for?

The afternoon session involved smaller group sessions to consider more detailed questions such as: How can a Contract for Difference (CfD) be designed for different types of technologies? How can the capacity mechanism be developed so as to maximise the contribution from the demand side?

18 February, 2011
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