Renewable energy league tables

Which regions are doing best on renewables?
Renewable energy league tables

Renewable energy is by far the most popular energy source in the UK according to official government statistics which show that 78 per cent of the public support the use of renewables, with only four per cent against.

In early 2016, Green Alliance commissioned Regen SW to gather data on renewable capacity and generation in England and Wales. This involved the collection of information from nearly 700,000 individual projects, sorted by local authority and technology across England and Wales. We used this data to produce league tables to show how various areas around England and Wales are performing on renewables.

See how the following four regions performed:

 • North West
 • West Midlands
 • East of England
 • London

Cornwall and East Riding came out on top as the two counties in England and Wales for installed solar and wind power respectively. The league tables reveal a strong north-south pattern, with northern England performing better on onshore wind capacity and the south doing better on solar.

 •Onshore wind league table
 •Solar PV league table

In addition, Green Alliance launched an interactive website, the Renewable Energy Locator, where you can explore how different types of renewable energy are doing in different areas of England and Wales. It’s searchable by postcode, region, county, and local authority, and it generates personalised social media content.

In November 2016 we updated the website with new data from over 800,000 individual projects, accurate to the end of March 2016. Gwynedd and Mid Glamorgan topped the table for the most improved counties in England and Wales for installing solar and onshore wind power over the last year.

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