Modern Conservatism and the environment

The new opportunity for David Cameron
Modern Conservatism and the environment
David Cameron now has the chance to reclaim environmental stewardship for modern Conservatism and follow through on
the pledge  he made before the election to drive ambitious climate action.
"This agreement represents inspiring leadership and true statesmanship…The political courage it represents… is exactly what our world most needs in order to solve the climate crisis."
Former vice president of the USA, Al Gore, commenting on the pledge, February 2015

Improving UK resource governance

Our proposal for new institutions to meet resource challenges for the 21st century
Improving UK resource governance
Resource price volatility is at a historic high, global competition for resources is rising and environmental limits rule out just expanding resource supplies. 
The UK is also lagging behind other leading industrialised nations,  like the US, Germany and China in tackling resource security. Our report recommends a new institutional framework to enable the new government to improve resource policy in future.

News release 2 March 2015: Government urgently needs a National Security Council for resources


Opening up infrastructure planning

The need for better public engagement
Opening up infrastructure planning
Infrastructure has moved up the political agenda recently but, at the same time, the public has felt a growing disengagement from the policy and a sense of exclusion from the decision making.

We have identified the fundamental problems with the current state of infrastructure decision making and make three proposals for how they should be tackled.

Read Opening up infrastructure planning 

35 years of Green Alliance

Celebrating with the launch of our new strategy for 2015-18
35 years of Green Alliance
At a party of 400 people in central London to celebrate our 35th anniversary on 20 November 2014, we launched our new strategy for 2015-18, Creating a greener Britain.

To celebrate our 35th year we have asked friends and colleagues to tell us what they think of us. See what they said.

News release 21 November 2014: 'Time to put the public back in public policy' 


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