People power

How consumer choice is changing the UK energy system
People power
Small scale, low carbon energy technologies such as electric cars are rapidly falling in cost as their popularity grows.

The UK’s future energy market will not only consist of passive customers buying power from big and distant power stations. Instead it will increasingly be owned and operated by those who purchase these technologies.

Our new report proposes four government interventions that are necessary to actively govern the new, and swiftly unfolding, energy future.

People power: how consumer choice is changing the UK energy system

Industrial strategy fit for the future

Perspectives on building a competitive UK economy
Industrial strategy fit for the future
The UK’s industrial strategy aims to boost business productivity and create good quality jobs across the country.

The industrial strategy should capitalise on the growth in green goods and services, as low carbon development and resource efficiency are important drivers of competitive advantage.

A new collection of essays, published by Green Alliance, brings together leading business and policy voices on building an industrial strategy fit for the future.

Industrial strategy fit for the future: perspectives on building a competitive UK economy

Press release: 5 April 2017

Greener UK

Greener UK coalition launches manifesto urging government to use Brexit to restore and enhance the environment
Greener UK
Greener UK is a coalition of 13 major environmental organisations, united in the belief that leaving the EU is a pivotal moment to restore and enhance the UK's environment.

The coalition's manifesto sets out eight necessary actions to make the vision of a greener UK a reality.

Over 200 MPs have signed Greener UK's Pledge for the Environment committing to establish the UK as a world leader on the environment.

A new agenda for city transport

Lessons from Manchester and London
A new agenda for city transport
As UK cities gain more control over their own affairs, with Greater Manchester due to elect its first mayor in spring, there are opportunities to develop new strategies for city transport.

One major concern is the urgent need to tackle air pollution. Rethinking how people move in and around our cities has the potential for considerable social, economic, health and environmental benefits.

Our briefing offers ideas on improving city transport, showing how national policy can best support local initiatives and what role MPs can play.

A new agenda for city transport

Natural investment

Futureproofing food production in the UK
Natural investment
Food production and agriculture are vital to the UK economy. Yet cheap food has come at the expense of the people and natural systems that produce it.

By sweating the environmental assets that underpin our food system, we have created unacknowledged costs and risks for food businesses.

Our analysis recommends a new model for policy makers, enabling food businesses to maintain the natural assets they depend on, and protect themselves from the increased costs of dealing with continued environmental decline.

Natural investment: futureproofing food production in the UK

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