Brexit risk to environment

Letter from experts to Defra secretary of state voices serious concerns
Brexit risk to environment
Fourteen senior environment and conservation experts have written to Defra Secretary of State Liz Truss MP to warn about risks to the environment if Britain left the EU. 

The letter, co-ordinated by Green Alliance, highlights that EU policy "has had a hugely positive effect on the quality of Britain’s beaches, our water and rivers, our air and many of our rarest birds, plants and animals and their habitats." 

They stress "we would no longer be able to shape EU policy and our influence on the environmental performance of other member states would decline sharply once we were no longer at the negotiating table."

News release: 27 January 2016                                       #greenerin

How conservation and business approaches to nature can work together

How conservation and business approaches to nature can work together
Traditional nature conservation and newer thinking based on the idea of natural capital have been set in opposition to one another as ways of managing our natural environment.

Both approaches have their advocates and critics, but we propose that, as we breach environmental limits and reach tipping points for some habitats, water cycles and carbon emissions, the government should adopt a new strategic combination of both approaches.

Natural partners: why nature conservation and natural capital approaches should work together

Press release: 25 January 2016

The circular economy and unemployment in Europe

How ambitious resource efficiency can create jobs in Italy, Poland and Germany
The circular economy and unemployment in Europe
Ambitious development of the circular economy in Europe could bring down unemployment in Italy, Poland and Germany.
Despite varying geographies and labour market challenges, our new analysis shows that a more resource efficient economy could help to tackle regional and occupational unemployment issues and bring 270,000 people back into work.
This report marks the launch of the Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES), our new partnership with a group of influential business and European organisations.

Unemployment and the circular economy in Europe: a study of opportunities in Italy, Poland and Germany
Press release 1 December 2015

Welcome announcements from UK on coal and offshore wind

Welcome announcements from UK on coal and offshore wind
The government has announced it is putting into effect its pledge to phase out the use of unabated coal fired power and that it will offer a route to long term growth for offshore wind, following the approach we recommended which protects consumers whilst giving the sector market confidence for the 2020s.

Former US Vice President Al Gore, who challenged the government to act on low carbon energy at a our Beyond Paris event in September, has described the move on coal as "an excellent and inspiring precedent as we head into COP21."

Read our full reaction to the secretary of state’s announcement

Read our latest report setting out the role and potential of offshore wind in the UK energy market


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