Levelling up public transport

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Levelling up public transport

Encouraging people to use public transport more is crucial in the transition to net zero. 

We spoke to Ant Breach of the Centre for Cities about how public transport in UK cities compare to other European cities, as well as how we can ensure everyone has access to good public transport.

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Critical point

Securing the raw materials needed for the UK's green transition
Critical point
Green technologies vital for net zero, like electric vehicles and solar panels, are made with critical raw materials with supply chain risks. 

The UK can reduce our reliance on these minerals by cutting energy use while keeping them in the economy for longer through recycling and reuse. 

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Press release: ‘Rapidly expanding the recycling of products, like solar panels and electric vehicles, would avoid UK supply chain risks from China

Our recent achievements and future plans

Annual review 2020-21
Our recent achievements and future plans

"Over the coming year, working with our network of allies, we will redouble our efforts to persuade the UK government to take the far reaching measures needed to restore the environment"
Sir Graham Wynne, chair, Green Alliance

From adapting to remote working in the pandemic and tracking the Environment Bill through its long journey in parliament, to achieving the phase out of petrol and diesel vehicles, 2020-21 was a busy year for Green Alliance.

Find out more about our recent work in our Annual review 2020-21

Net zero policy tracker

The UK is still off track but policies in the pipeline could help
Net zero policy tracker
Since the start of 2020, we have closely monitored new government climate policy across the UK economy.

In our final update before COP26 we reveal that, while the UK is significantly off track for reaching net zero carbon by 2050, there is an opportunity to make more progress now.

Read our Net zero policy tracker.

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