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How to make VAT work better for the environment
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VAT is encouraging some activities that damage our environment, make us unhealthy and suppress job creation. This is the opposite of what the UK needs to recover from the pandemic.

We propose three changes to VAT around buildings renovation, repairing products and household energy that would not only benefit the environment, but also have wider social and economic benefits.

Press release: 'End £2bn VAT subsidy on gas, which benefits well off, to fund warm homes for poorer households, report says' 

Read the report


Making a 2030 phase out possible

New briefing from Green Alliance and Greenpeace
Making a 2030 phase out possible

A ban on the sale of all new internal combustion engine and hybrid cars and vans from 2030 is the single most important measure the government can take to get the UK on track to meeting its existing carbon targets.

Read our analysis of different phase out dates and what supporting policy is needed to make a 2030 phase out possible.

This briefing was written with Greenpeace.
Find out more about our Cutting Carbon Now project.

Racism in the environment sector

Our latest webinar: why we must change and how we can do it
Racism in the environment sector
Green Alliance was delighted to host an event on Thursday 3 September that looked at how, as a sector and a wider movement, we can tackle racism in the environment sector.

We were joined by Mya-Rose Craig (Birdgirl), Charise Johnson and Sufina Ahmad - three speakers leading the way in creating a more diverse and inclusive sector.

You can now listen the webinar's highlights on the podcast, and watch the full event on our YouTube channel



Blueprint for a resilient economy

Five building blocks for recovery
Blueprint for a resilient economy

Economic choices the UK makes now will determine the trajectory of the country for decades to come.

We present the case for action needed in five areas for a resilient recovery that ensures prosperity, health and renewal for the long term.

Read the report: Blueprint for a resilient economy
Press release: 'Urgent revision of planned UK infrastructure projects needed now to achieve green recovery'

Cutting Carbon Now

Cutting Carbon Now
Cutting Carbon Now is our project advocating immediate action across the UK economy to drastically reduce the UK’s contribution to climate change as the UK emerges from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The government must be bold and ambitious as it leads us to recovery. We believe the UK can build back better by investing in resource efficient and low carbon industries and the skills needed to support them, ensuring a green and just recovery from Covid-19.

Read about our work on Cutting Carbon Now 


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