Acting on net zero now

Acting on net zero now

A thriving economy with net zero emissions is desirable and possible but, to get there within the next 30 years, the government has to act now.

Our new infographic proposes five policies that could be put in place immediately to get the UK back on track to meet its carbon budgets and on the road to net zero by 2050 at the latest.

These policies can not only end the UK’s contribution to climate change. They can also save money in the medium to long term, improve air quality, benefit nature and create new local jobs.

Background analyses
Below is the list of reports that provided the underlying content and sectoral analyses which contributed to the recommendations in this report.

Technical analysis : How the UK can stop contributing to Climate Change’ (November 2018)

Policy 1 Transport sector: How the UK can lead the electric vehicle revolution’ (March 2018)
Policy 2 Industry: By popular demand (November 2018); Less in, more out (November 2018)
Policy 3 Domestic buildings sector: Reinventing Retrofit (February 2019)
Policy 4 Nature Restoration: Cutting the climate impact of land use (April 2019)
Policy 5 Power: ‘Closing the clean power gap (September 2017);
For information about the public mandate to act, see also: Power to the people (July 2019)
Paul McNamee, Gianluca Cavallaro-Ng
Publication Date:
3 May, 2019
Political leadership

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