Government review of the Environmental Improvement Plan



10 July, 2024


We support a government review of the Environmental Improvement Plan (EIP). This should prioritise actions for delivering Environment Act targets, and ensure that the scale, pace and delivery of those actions is capable of meeting the targets. It should not entail a full scale review of the plan’s goals.

The review should be done as a policy sprint, concluded within three months of being announced and with rapid stakeholder engagement with those groups who are experts in delivery. The review must be conducted and completed swiftly because of the urgent need to make progress towards achieving the 2030 species abundance target and the risks that a lengthy and convoluted process would present to this timetable.

The desired outcome of the review would be a credible and transparent delivery plan to accompany the existing EIP.

This is a joint briefing from Green Alliance and Wildlife and Countryside Link.

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Ruth Chambers, senior fellow, Green Alliance:

Richard Benwell, CEO, Wildlife and Countryside Link:

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