Protecting households every winter

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20 September, 2022


In the next few months, many UK households will face a breaking point as they are confronted with the highest inflation since 1982 and ever rising energy bills. It is vital that every policy lever is used to ensure households have energy and financial security, not just in the next few months but for years to come.

This briefing looks at the policies the government should implement to ensure the following:

  1. Making sure people have homes they can afford to heat by reducing energy waste across the UK. Policies need to remove three barriers: lack of public knowledge, shortages in supply chains, and access to finance
  2. Speeding up the transition to cheap, low carbon energy to lower bills faster by focusing on people, planning and prices
  3. Investing in energy efficiency and low carbon energy to lower inflation and reduce pressure on household finance.

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Sam Alvis, head of economy,

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