Decarbonising transport

Ensuring transport is at the heart of the green recovery
Decarbonising transport

Despite the need to rapidly cut emissions to meet the country’s net zero by 2050 target, transport emissions have remained stubbornly high. It is now the most polluting sector in the UK.

As the UK plans its economic recovery from Covid, there is an opportunity to promote a healthier, low carbon transport system for the future. This is not only a priority for UK communities and the economy, but also essential for the UK to be seen as a credible host of this year’s climate summit in Glasgow.

In partnership with business and NGOs, we are undertaking analysis to plug the gaps in transport policy and we are working with decision makers to raise ambitions for a clean transport system.Through this three year project we are pushing for a step change, to cut emissions from the UK’s most polluting sector and deliver a wealth of health and economic benefits to people across the country.

Our main areas of focus so far have included: pushing the Department for Transport to deliver an ambitious Decarbonisation Plan that puts the sector on track to meet net zero emissions;  advocating policies for the rapid transition to electric vehicles, building on our previous work to bring forward the phase out date for polluting vehicles; and working to ensure that low carbon transport is at the heart of the planning system.

In Accelerating the electric vehicle revolution we urge the government to introduce a zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandate to ensure the successful switch to electric cars.  

In our report, Not going the extra the milewe argue that the switch to electric vehicles won’t be enough to meet our climate targets without reducing traffic as well.

The UK needs an ambitious, robust and comprehensive strategy to decarbonise transport. To this end, we have produced a briefing outlining what a successful Transport Decarbonisation Plan looks like, developed in partnership with other NGOs. We have also produced a briefing for parliamentarians on this agenda.

Alongside other NGOs working on transport, we have developed six tests for the government's upcoming Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

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