Putting fairness at the heart of climate action

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12:00 - 13:00 23 January, 2024


Right now, across the UK, millions of people, many of whom were already on the breadline, are facing impossible choices as the impacts of the energy crisis hit home. Meanwhile, the alarming impacts of climate change are becoming clearer than ever before both globally and on our doorstep.

As we grapple with these crises, it is clear they are not simply disjointed issues, but ones that are fundamentally interlinked. The effects of climate change are hitting the most vulnerable first, and hardest and they’re making poverty worse. Understanding this connection is crucial if we are to meet our global and domestic obligations and ensure the future sustainability of our planet, while supporting those most vulnerable.

This webinar discussed how the environmental community can learn from communities, campaigners and policy experts working on the front line of the cost-of-living crisis and ensure that our efforts to protect the planet and the people living on it, put lived experience, wisdom and justice at its heart.


  • Chair: Chris Venables, deputy director of politics, Green Alliance
  • Roger Harding, director, Round Our Way
  • Nikki Williams, director of campaigning and communities, the Wildlife Trusts
  • Liz Gadd, environmental lead, New Philanthropy Capital

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Chris Venables

Deputy director of politics, Green Alliance

Liz Gadd

Environmental lead, New Philanthropy Capital (NPC)

Roger Harding

Director, Round Our Way

Nikki Williams

Director of campaigning and communities, the Wildlife Trusts

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