Graduate testimonies

What previous graduates have said about our graduate scheme
Graduate testimonies

Alys Penfold, former communications assistant
“Green Alliance’s graduate scheme laid a great foundation for my future career. It was the perfect entry point into the big wide world, fresh out of university with little practical experience in what I wanted to do. 

I went from sitting in the first meeting where I had no idea what ‘CCS’ stood for, to colleagues coming to me to proof-read major reports, live-tweeting our events and helping redesign the blog. 

As well as being a huge learning curve, it’s a great place to work with friendly and supportive colleagues that I have continued to stay in touch with. They are patient and inclusive, I forgot I was a graduate and was treated like a valued member of the team like everyone else.”

Amy Leppanen, former communications assistant
"Green Alliance's graduate scheme was the best kickstart to my career. I learnt so much in one year through my role in communications, but also about environmental policy and influencing government. I highly recommend applying.”

Jasper Keech, former policy assistant
"I really enjoyed my time at Green Alliance as a policy assistant. I met some great people and learned a great deal. It was exciting to be in the heart of environmental policy development, a real learning experience. I'm now able to use the skills and knowledge I developed in my current role delivering socio-economic regeneration projects in Enfield."

Nicki Wheeler, former policy assistant
"When I started at Green Alliance, I had just finished my Masters in Climate Change and Policy. I felt I had a good academic background in this area, but needed to build upon my practical experience and understanding of advising and working with policymakers. The graduate scheme at Green Alliance was an ideal opportunity to do this. Whilst there, I worked in the Natural Environment theme. This was a relatively new programme when I started, which made it all the more interesting as I was heavily involved in the planning of what this programme should tackle and how. I helped to write several of the papers published by the Natural Environment programme and to contribute to the research behind them too. In addition, I had the unique opportunity to attend meetings at parliament, which was invaluable in helping me better understand the needs and constraints of policymakers.

Beyond the huge benefits of what I learnt whilst working at Green Alliance, it was also a genuinely really lovely place to work. The team were so friendly, fun and supportive, and it was clear they were always keen to help the graduates in their career and provide opportunities that would help us develop our careers whenever they could. The graduates had an awful lot of fun together too, which made it all the more enjoyable. I am now working on a research project on health and climate change at UCL, a huge part of which is policy engagement. Working at Green Alliance was a big part in preparing me for and enabling me to get this role, for which I will always be grateful."

Anisha George, former policy assistant
"I was offered a position on the Green Alliance graduate scheme as a Policy Assistant shortly after completing an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation. It is rare to find a programme of this kind in the environmental charity sector, and I welcomed the opportunity to see concepts learned in my master’s programme be put into practice.

The programme affords graduates the opportunity to work across a variety of research themes and is an excellent opportunity to discover what your individual interests are; I was able to work on projects across the Natural Environment and Low Carbon Energy themes. The one to one support and professional mentoring provided throughout the scheme is incredibly helpful to fresh graduates growing their career and is undoubtedly why I was able to find my current position in the field so easily. However, I would say the greatest strength of the programme is the calibre of the other graduates as well as the individuals in the wider organization. The lessons I have learned throughout my time at Green Alliance have given me a solid foundation from which to build the rest of my career."