How the UK can stop contributing to climate change

How the UK can stop contributing to climate change

In this slide pack, we look at how the UK can make rapid progress towards net zero by acting now. We show that doing so is both readily achievable and desirable. We show that the government can pledge to end climate change within a generation, and set this goal into law. In doing so, it should act to cut emissions now, and continue to support innovation to enable longer term emissions reductions. 

Our assessment is that getting on track to net zero by 2050 could be done via four straightforward policies, aiming for net zero by 2045 would be harder and waiting until after 2032 to act would be a mistake. Going slowly now would mean a 70-120 per cent increase in effort in the 2030s and 2040s. Lowering emissions now would make ending the UK's contribution to climate change by 2050 achievable, using policy that is both attractive and implementable today. 
Dustin Benton
Publication Date:
9 November, 2018
Political leadership, Low carbon energy

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