Leaders' joint climate agreement

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband sign historic pledge
Leaders' joint climate agreement
In February 2015 the prime minister, deputy prime minister and the leader of the opposition agreed to work together across party lines to tackle climate change in an agreement brokered by Green Alliance.
The agreement followed the launch of The Climate Coalition’s SHOW THE LOVE campaign which has reached millions across the UK, with those involved wearing green hearts and letting politicians know what they love that could be lost to climate change.
This agreement came after commentators had questioned UK political commitment to climate action, and business investors had asked for more certainty about the UK’s low carbon direction. The cross-party agreement included commitments to seek a strong global climate deal and to end the use of unabated coal in power generation.

Read the agreement and press release.

Following this agreement, together with Christian Aid, CAFOD, Greenpeace, WWF and RSPB, we published an action plan after the May 2015 general election for the new government. This set out a timeline of the key decisions needed on international leadership, energy transition and energy efficiency.
In November 2015 the government announced that it will phase out the use of unabated coal fired power, and in November 2016, the UK signed the Paris climate change agreement.

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