More about us

More about us
Green Alliance was launched in 1979 with the aim ‘to ensure that the political priorities of the United Kingdom are determined within an ecological perspective’. 

Our name originally referred to the large group of eminent individuals from a wide range of professional spheres who were the founding members.  
Status and mission
A charity and company limited by guarantee, Green Alliance is now the leading UK think tank working on environmental policy and politics. Always maintaining a non-partisan, pluralist stance, we work across all sectors, in partnership with companies and NGOs and with all the main political parties, to inspire and achieve policy change for a better environment.
Our stated mission is to promote sustainable development by ensuring that the environment is at the heart of decision-making.

Our three core aims are:
to make the environment a central political issue;
to integrate the environment into public policy and decision making;
to stimulate new thinking and advance the environmental agenda into new areas.
Our values 
We are optimists

We believe that, with our help, a green and prosperous UK is achievable.
We are change makers
Working flexibly and with light feet, we focus on where the power is, and wherever and on whatever we think will have the greatest impact.
We are collaborative
We are pluralists and believe that collaboration and seeking to understand others’ viewpoints is the only way to make progress, and this is reflected in how we operate both internally and externally.
We embrace complexity
We will never ignore the fact that environmental issues are complex, as well as inseparable from other important issues, including social impacts, and do our best to address this in all our work.
We are inclusive
In all aspects of our work, including our employment practices, we seek to include, involve and listen to diverse voices and communities, as a necessary component of success.

Governance and strategy
Green Alliance's strategy and direction is guided by a board of trustees which meets quarterly. A sub-committee of trustees also meets quarterly to oversee and advise on finance and management.

Read our current strategy document Strategy 2018-21: Building a green and prosperous UK and our annual report to find out more about our work.

See Green Alliance's profile on the Charity Commission website

Read more about our beginnings and our early successes in Looking back, thinking forward, published in 2005 to celebrate our first 25 years.