Net zero policy tracker

How is the UK doing?
Net zero policy tracker

Under our Cutting Carbon Now programme we are holding the government to account on its actions to cut carbon emissions through 2020, ahead of UK hosting the COP26 climate conference.

This is a huge opportunity for the government to showcase its climate actions at home. But the country is currently off track in meeting its own targets, with a huge gap of 313MtCO2e reduction needed to reach its goal of net zero by 2050..

We will use the tracker through the year, in advance of the COP conference, to hold the government to hold the government to account on:

1. The effectiveness of its promises: the tracker will map the carbon reduction potential of new policies and legislation.
2. Spending commitments against annual funding needed to tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

What would get us on track to net zero?
We have identified five policies in 2020 that can be implemented immediately which would get the UK on the right track in 2020. Outlined in Acting on net zero now, these policies would be a strong signal of government ambition for real transformation towards a net zero economy.

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