Greenhouse gas removals targets not offsets
Low Carbon Energy

Greenhouse gas removals targets not offsets

The case for greater control over carbon sequestration, and moving beyond net zero.
A panel discussion on greenhouse gas removals hosted by Green Alliance and the University of Lancaster.

During this event, we heard from Dr Nils Markusson, Professor Duncan McLaren and Professor Rebecca Willis as they presented their pioneering research on the risk of greenhouse gas removal techniques deterring emissions reductions, and ways to use them safely to meet climate targets. 
This was followed by a panel discussion on these topics.

Panel speakers included:

  • Dr Emily Cox, Research associate, Cardiff University
  • Melanie Coath, Senior climate change policy officer, RSPB
  • Richard King, Senior research fellow, Chatham House
  • ‚ÄčCharlene Cranny, Communications and Campaigns Director, UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association
21 January, 2020
  • Uni Lancaster
  • Green Alliance
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