Implementing Dasgupta

Navigating the pathway for government, business, and finance to embrace nature-inclusive economic systems


Nature underpins our economy. The Dasgupta Review, which was commissioned by the UK Treasury and reported in 2021, set out the case for changing our economic system to reflect that the economy does not exist outside of nature, but within it. This new economic system would be based on a measure of inclusive wealth that includes assets such as nature on the balance books.

But how do we get there? What can government, business and finance do today, to shift our economic system closer to that ideal? Our work focuses on several areas: the need for pro-investment fiscal rules; natural capital markets; greening central banks; the need for a green taxonomy; rethinking GDP as a measure of wealth; changes to the Treasury’s Green Book to better reflect the value of nature; and nature diplomacy.

We will be publishing a series of blogs, briefings, reports and podcasts on implementing Dasgupta, as well as media and advocacy work.

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