Green economy: a UK success story



30 August, 2012


We are often told of the benefits that come from creating a greener economy and the advantage that will come from being a first mover. It is now clear that we don’t need to wait for these benefits. The UK has moved and we are seeing the advantage.

Our low carbon and environmental sector has shown that it’s not just for the good times, but that it has continued to grow steadily even whilst broader economic activity slows.

The private sector has the confidence to invest billions of pounds in to our low carbon infrastructure, while nearly a million people now employed in providing low carbon and environmental goods and services, outstripping employment in other sectors such as telecoms and our motor industry.

Quietly and without fanfare, green business has become a UK success story, at home and abroad. This success should be celebrated. With greater public recognition and stronger confidence green businesses can help secure a faster and more resilient economic recovery.


Alastair Harper

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