Inside Track 31: Transforming capitalism



22 September, 2012


This edition looks at the growing concern about our economic model valuing high returns in the short term over a more sustainable, long term view. Trust that private entities can be a vehicle for public good is also at an all time low. The social and environmental challenges we face need collaborative and creative solutions.

This Inside Track features three views on where the solutions lie.

  1. Leader of the opposition, Ed Miliband, makes it clear that government needs to set the right regulatory framework for a sustainable economy and expresses his party’s support for a clear goal to decarbonise the power sector by 2030.
  2. Conservative MP Jesse Norman says that the green movement has much of value to say about issues of culture, reward, competition, markets, governance and values and that the system we have now is not how capitalism should work. He argues that true capitalism is an economic and moral force for good.
  3. David Blood of Generation Investment Management suggests that capital markets will continue to be crucial to the transformation to a sustainable economy and proposes five actions to speed up the transition.
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