Inside Track 34: Priorities for a new parliament



23 October, 2014


This edition of Inside Track focuses on the green record of the parties in parliament, their 2014 manifestos and what to expect from the next parliament after the 2015 general election.

  • Jim Pickard gives his view of the green record of the parties in this parliament and takes an informed guess at what will be in the next manifestos to attract green-minded voters.
  • Lord Deben sets out the top three priorities for the government to fill the policy gap currently holding back low carbon development in the UK.
  • Matthew Spencer outlines five areas that will need early attention to ensure successful green outcomes in the next parliament.
  • Alastair Harper describes the latest thinking published under our Green Roots programme and looks at what it will take to get a good global climate deal in 2015
  • Julian Morgan reports on a unique series of seminars examining the interactions between economics and green policies
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